Gateway to Owega World

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Pat and his friends cross over to an alternate world. He soon discovers he must save it from destruction.

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Meet Pat Silversol, a science fiction writer who discovers a gateway to another dimension where he gains certain powers that can help him save lives as well as become rich.

When Pat and his friend Eric travel to a world in this other dimension called Owega, they accidentally stop a thief who is wanted by the city of Clarissa, and prevent him from getting away on his latest robbery. Pat and Eric end up receiving a cash reward and a free seven-day vacation package to a famous sporting event in Wiktona. They find out that the robber was no ordinary thief, but happened to belong to a group of terrorists knows as the Smokers.

After learning of a tragic event that took place back in Clarissa, they’re advised to leave Wiktona and travel to a country that’s several thousand miles away.  Pat soon discovers that the Smokers have developed a weapon that could wipe out humanity on Owega. They must find a way to stop them before it’s too late.

When a bombing incident occurs in Lavinia, Pat’s hometown on Earth, he soon wonders if his new Owegan girlfriend is someone who was hired by the Smokers to help turn Pat over to them.

Will Pat be able to save Owega and become a famous hero, knowing that a billion lives will be sacrificed if he should fail?

If you enjoy reading a novel that makes you cry and laugh, and cheer for the good guys, then this is a must read.

About the Author

Christopher Wisestone lives in Fort Erie, Ontario, Canada, a town that’s a half-hour drive from Niagara Falls and a five-minute drive to Buffalo, New York. He works full time as an I.T. Operator at a logistics company. He has a degree in Business Administration with a major in Data Processing.

He has been writing for the last twenty-eight years. Various influences inspired him to write Owega World, such as a personal wish that someday the Earth’s social environment can become the same as Owega’s He plans to write a second novel in the Owega World series. He also plans to write a novel that will involve a teenage boy who gets bullied around by a young man, which happens to be based on a true story.

In his spare time he enjoys reading science fiction, fantasy and historical fiction novels, watching movies and reality TV shows such as Survivor and Big Brother, as well as long walks and traveling.